Where the craic is ninety.


Where the craic is ninety.

Perched cosily at the top of Wicklow Town’s market square, Ernie’s Bar has been the home of warm welcomes and good craic since (year).

Our bar caters to both modern and traditional tastes without losing our distinctly Irish character and our friendly staff are always on hand to serve you a bounteous menu of drinks and more than a bit of banter as well.

Neighbours to Wicklow Town’s Historic Gaol and within a stone’s throw of the famous Black Castle, you’re never too far away from the sights and scenes that make our spirited coastal town so special.


 Live Music. Live Sport.



Locals and tourists alike flock to Ernie’s Bar for our famous service, atmosphere, and penchant for sports and music.

All kinds of sports are shown on our three wide-screen televisions, two of which are found in the bar and one in the smoking area. So no matter what shape of ball, stick, or glove – you’ll be sure to find the action here at Ernie’s.

And if you’re in the market for some music, we hold a weekly trad session on Thursdays where everyone with an instrument is invited to join in and bang out a few tunes.

 Our upstairs function room is the ideal space for birthdays, celebrations, or any occasion you can think of! You come up with a reason to throw a party, and we’ll provide the space, drinks, music, and even food!


Upstairs Function Room


Function Room

Have you got a big event or celebration coming up?

We’ve got a tastefully furnished and fully-stocked bar and venue upstairs that you can hire for birthdays, christenings, surprise parties, or any occasion you can dream up.

We’ll also provide the finger food upon request. You can’t party on an empty stomach.

With plentiful seating, a stage ideal for music, a bar, toilets, and upstairs smoking area – your guests will want for nothing when you book an event with us.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee







If you’d like to contact Ernie’s Bar, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Phone: 0404 20877


Market Square

Wicklow Town

Co Wicklow